NABShow 2015 Wrap-up with Ben Balser

Ben Balser:
Apple Certified Trainer






Q. What was the newest innovation at the show?
A. Blackmagic tiny cameras and their new 5″ monitor. 4K seems to be getting everyone’s attention, although questions about its reality abound.

DRONES AND ROBOTICS! Tops here, and not just because I’m a drone specialist. This is the new tool for shooting creatively, and I know we’ll see it more and more as time goes on. What makes this different from “aerial shots” that came before, from helicopters and planes? “Intimacy!!!!!” My drones can get up close and personal with things from the air better than any manned aircraft is ever capable of. That makes the shots valuable creatively.

Q. What was the highlight of NAB for you?
A. FCPWORKS and the Robotics And Drones Pavilion. 4K didn’t leave me feeling so excited, since it is so available to even low budget, and there’s no realistic delivery yet, and won’t be for a few years. Nothing else was as much of a game changer as the new 4K affordable drones. I challenge anyone to dispute this. All else was the same-old-same-old and YAWN fest…

 Q. What was the biggest surprise or unveiling of the show?
A. New FCPX/Motion/Compressor updates. Shows Apple really is going to take over again. The presentations showing how it was used not just for editing, but titles, effects, coloring, etc in “Focus”. Lots of folks want to dismiss this, but you can’t stop an idea whose time has come. Everything else NLE wise was same-old-same-old.

 Q. What did you see at the show that gave you insight into future trends?
A. Read above 3 answers.


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