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25 Grayscale MasksThe 4K Dappled Light Toolkit is a collection of footage and After Effects projects that brings the organic motion of wind-blown tree shadows to any video or animation timeline. I created this collection because I needed subtle yet immersive background animations for title screens on a project I was working on. My experience is that too many motion backgrounds steal attention away from static foreground elements like titles. Unfortunately, static background images can be too quiet. The Dappled Light animations fill this gap perfectly. These clips are so generic; they can be used for any subject. If you use backgrounds, you will love them! If you like to tweak, mix and match, etc, the After Effects files give you all the versatility you need. Click here to see a demo.PreMade Motion BackgroundsThe 4K Dappled Light Toolkit contains imagery from real trees casting real shadows on a flat white surface. We picked days when there was a breeze blowing so that there would be motion in the shadows. The surface was filmed with a RED Epic camera at 5K resolution. The footage was then corrected to remove any perspective caused by offset camera angles. Then, these “shadow” animations were made seamless and color-corrected to create grayscale, full contrast masks. Twenty-five of these masks are provided as-is in the Toolkit.25 Static Textures

The next step was to composite marble, wood and fabric textures with the shadow animations, which created realistic dappled light on the textures. After Effects was used for this compositing. The resulting images have a light/shadow combination that is organic and immersive. Since the shadows were taken from reality there is an inherent sense of high production value. These ready-to-use backgrounds are provided in 4K and HD sizes in the Toolkit.

In addition, the Toolkit contains the above After Effects projects, static textures, extra metallic treatments and erosion masks. The After Effects projects have compositions that allow your titles to be cast with the same shadows as the backgrounds, along with surface treatments for the title lettering.

Seamless Looping Brushed Metal

The 4K Dappled Light Toolkit has a retail value of $799. However, for a limited time it is available at for $399. The 4K Dappled Light Toolkit is also available FREE to any subscribers at from February 16th to March 31st.

Click here to see a demo.
Click here to see Eran Stern’s Dappled Light Tutorial.


Mind Trip – Part 2 Tutorial

An After Effects Video Tutorial

by Eran Stern* (

In the final piece of this 2-part video tutorial, Eran reveals the secrets found in a woman’s mind! Learn how to use radial blur, caustics, glow, and other tricks in After Effects to reveal a dream-like scene…Watch Video Tutorial Here.

Revealing the secrets found

Revealing the secrets found

Mind Trip – Part 1 Tutorial

An After Effects Video Tutorial

by Eran Stern* (

Join Eran Stern as he delves into the mind of a woman. Be warned, it’s not for the faint-of-heart! Follow along as he creates a tunnel vision effect by applying a few After Effects tricks such as time…Watch Video Tutorial Here.

Eran delves into the mind of a woman.

Eran delves into the mind of a woman.


New Video Tutorial Includes Free Clip

Using an Artbeats stock footage clip and some After Effects magic, Eran Stern of SternFX creates a quick commercial by integrating type with the spinning blades of a wind turbine. Click the picture below to register for a FREE download of the clip used in this video tutorial (and yes, the tutorial is free, too).

Green Energy Video Tutorial

Kinetic Energy to Kinetic Typography

Now, follow along with Eran as he uses the spinning blades to reveal the message and then “wipe” it away.


3D Morphing Superman Logo a tutorial by Maltaannon

Maltaannon created this new tutorial featuring Artbeats footage as the background cityscape with a cool morphing 3D Superman logo. He uses After Effects and ShapeShifter AE by Mettle.

Learn more and watch the tutorial on Mettle’s website.

Free After Effects Video Tutorial by Eran Stern “Sunset Model”

By Eran Stern,

Eran creates a teaser for an upcoming reality show using footage from the Rubberball, Glamour Key and Aqua Geo Graphic libraries on He has incorporated plug ins from Mettle, GenArts and Red Giant Software, with some tricks in After Effects, to create this fun, fresh piece.

Watch the complete Sunset Model Video Tutorial and download the project files!

New Tutorial on the Web: Boris RED Transitions by Eran Stern

We wanted to share this new Boris RED tutorial by Eran Stern, featuring lots of Artbeats stock footage.

Extend your Premiere Pro transitions library by using Boris RED. In this tutorial Eran will show you a fast and easy way to apply those templates and share some valuable tips on using the Library Browser.

Watch Boris RED Transitions Tutorial on

Free Video Tutorial by Eran Stern “Breakout Coffee”

By Eran Stern,

Take a break and learn some valuable tips! This entertaining, yet highly useful tutorial by design guru Eran Stern utilizes Photoshop’s cloning tools and Mocha’s tracking to clone out unwanted text, add green screen footage of people, and replace objects.

Watch all 30 minutes of the Breakout Coffee Tutorial here

Free Video Tutorial by Eran Stern on High Dynamic Range Toning Effects

By Eran Stern,

Learn to mimic the high dynamic range toning effect in Premiere Pro. Using a few special techniques and blending mode, Eran will show how you can harness the effect of the Mercury Playback Engine on both nature landscape footage and portrait or people stock footage shots.

Watch the HDR Toning Tutorial here


Tutorial: Retouching & Digital Makeup with mocha Pro from Imagineer Systems

Adding digital makeup and removing blemishes can be a timely process. In this video tutorial, Martin Brennand use a clip from Artbeats Rubberball footage library to show how mocha Pro’s amazing planar tracking technology and remove module can be used to clean unwanted details for beauty shots. 

Watch Tutorial for free now.

mocha Pro is a stand alone motion tracking and effects product running on OSX and Windows. Supports: Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut, Avid, Nuke, Flame, Smoke & more. Upgrades are available for owners of Adobe After Effects CS4-5.5 or any Imagineer product. Learn more about mocha Pro.