Motion Tracking, After Effects, and CINEMA 4D Lite

The workflow to add 3D objects into your already-shot footage.

by Chris and Trish Meyer (Crish Designs)

After Effects features a 3D Camera Tracker that examines already-shot footage and attempts to reverse-engineer where the camera was during the shot, creating a 3D camera to match. This allows you to add new objects in 3D space that match the movement and perspective of the underlying footage.

After Effects has a limited 3D implementation of its own that allows you to add text and shapes, but the real fun comes when you can add a fully rendered 3D model of an object into the scene. There are severalā€¦ Read Full Tutorial here.

Clip FCL220 used in tutorial. Download for free here:

Clip FCL220 used in tutorial for download freeĀ here.