A Little Help from Your (New) Friends


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Have you ever hit a creative editing brick wall? You have the beginnings of a good idea, but just can’t seem to pull it all together because you lack a particular skill or can’t make your software do what’s in your head. It suddenly occurs to you that you may just be trying to reinvent the wheel, and someone with more experience has already designed a better wheel (or plug-in) that will do more than you ever knew possible. That’s when you realize you need a little help from your friends in the post-production creative world. But if you don’t know anyone like that, then what do you do?

It might be time to think about joining a User Group. While it may sound like something you need therapy for, it’s actually a place where highly creative editing software users pool ideas, share insights, and encourage each other with training, tips, tricks, and other resources. Artbeats is a proud sponsor of several such groups, as well as being a creative resource with over 75 free tutorials on our own site. We know the better educated our customers are, the better they can make use of our wide variety of stock footage. One of our latest video tutuorials was created by Ben Balser, who is not only an Apple Certified Master Trainer, but is founder of just such an organization, the Louisiana Cajun Cutters FCP Users Group. If the experts gather to share their knowledge, it’s a good indication that some great learning goes on there.

So whether you’re a Final Cut Pro user, an After Effects fan, a Premier Pro or an Apple Motion follower, Smoke or Mocha type, there’s a user community out there for you. You’ll find a network of editors just like yourself all around the world who are anxious to share their knowledge and expertise through video demos, written tutorials, blog posts, podcasts and articles. Their meetings are fun and informative, with amazing presentations sure to inspire you and get you not only past that brick wall, but well on your way to becoming the top notch designer you know you are. And, you won’t feel out of place whether you’re a novice or a pro, because even the experts feed off of each other’s ideas.

Don’t be shy. You’re sure to be enlightened, encouraged, and included. Someday you may be the one sharing your expertise with your (new) friends. And you might just win a cool prize from Artbeats or one of many other sponsors who know that User Groups are the place to be. So go, make new friends and learn a thing or two.
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