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25 Grayscale MasksThe 4K Dappled Light Toolkit is a collection of footage and After Effects projects that brings the organic motion of wind-blown tree shadows to any video or animation timeline. I created this collection because I needed subtle yet immersive background animations for title screens on a project I was working on. My experience is that too many motion backgrounds steal attention away from static foreground elements like titles. Unfortunately, static background images can be too quiet. The Dappled Light animations fill this gap perfectly. These clips are so generic; they can be used for any subject. If you use backgrounds, you will love them! If you like to tweak, mix and match, etc, the After Effects files give you all the versatility you need. Click here to see a demo.PreMade Motion BackgroundsThe 4K Dappled Light Toolkit contains imagery from real trees casting real shadows on a flat white surface. We picked days when there was a breeze blowing so that there would be motion in the shadows. The surface was filmed with a RED Epic camera at 5K resolution. The footage was then corrected to remove any perspective caused by offset camera angles. Then, these “shadow” animations were made seamless and color-corrected to create grayscale, full contrast masks. Twenty-five of these masks are provided as-is in the Toolkit.25 Static Textures

The next step was to composite marble, wood and fabric textures with the shadow animations, which created realistic dappled light on the textures. After Effects was used for this compositing. The resulting images have a light/shadow combination that is organic and immersive. Since the shadows were taken from reality there is an inherent sense of high production value. These ready-to-use backgrounds are provided in 4K and HD sizes in the Toolkit.

In addition, the Toolkit contains the above After Effects projects, static textures, extra metallic treatments and erosion masks. The After Effects projects have compositions that allow your titles to be cast with the same shadows as the backgrounds, along with surface treatments for the title lettering.

Seamless Looping Brushed Metal

The 4K Dappled Light Toolkit has a retail value of $799. However, for a limited time it is available at for $399. The 4K Dappled Light Toolkit is also available FREE to any subscribers at from February 16th to March 31st.

Click here to see a demo.
Click here to see Eran Stern’s Dappled Light Tutorial.


Mind Trip – Part 2 Tutorial

An After Effects Video Tutorial

by Eran Stern* (

In the final piece of this 2-part video tutorial, Eran reveals the secrets found in a woman’s mind! Learn how to use radial blur, caustics, glow, and other tricks in After Effects to reveal a dream-like scene…Watch Video Tutorial Here.

Revealing the secrets found

Revealing the secrets found

Mind Trip – Part 1 Tutorial

An After Effects Video Tutorial

by Eran Stern* (

Join Eran Stern as he delves into the mind of a woman. Be warned, it’s not for the faint-of-heart! Follow along as he creates a tunnel vision effect by applying a few After Effects tricks such as time…Watch Video Tutorial Here.

Eran delves into the mind of a woman.

Eran delves into the mind of a woman.


Motion Tracking, After Effects, and CINEMA 4D Lite

The workflow to add 3D objects into your already-shot footage.

by Chris and Trish Meyer (Crish Designs)

After Effects features a 3D Camera Tracker that examines already-shot footage and attempts to reverse-engineer where the camera was during the shot, creating a 3D camera to match. This allows you to add new objects in 3D space that match the movement and perspective of the underlying footage.

After Effects has a limited 3D implementation of its own that allows you to add text and shapes, but the real fun comes when you can add a fully rendered 3D model of an object into the scene. There are several… Read Full Tutorial here.

Clip FCL220 used in tutorial. Download for free here:

Clip FCL220 used in tutorial for download free here.

FootageHub Producer, Francois Areseneault releases all new footage

From boats in quiet harbors to oil rigs on the prairie, from the Coliseum in Rome and the pyramids of Egypt to a modern building under construction, sites (and sights) are global. Motorcycles race on a snow-covered track, hot air balloons take flight, low-flying bombers dump fire retardant. Shots of people in action: skateboarders, Motocross and mountain bike racers, rodeo clowns and cowboys, fishermen on a sandy beach, and others.

Nature shots include a full moon floating in the night sky, an eagle soaring against the clouds, beef cattle roaming on a Western ranch, gulls and seals on the beach. Wherever you look in this Francois Arseneault new release, possibilities are endless.

New Rubberball stock footage available now

Spread across a variety of geographical locations, this new footage from prolific FootageHub producer Rubberball focuses on people in action–all kinds of action, from a ballet class to guys pushing a stalled car to a couple sharing wine in a hot tub to a woman in a dentist’s chair, and much, much more; from fast-paced city life to rural solitude.

Interspersed among the extravaganza of life-style footage is a melange of evocative nature and animal shots, classic city skylines, and ’round-the-world landscapes as well as some clever, thought-provoking concept shots. Something to set the perfect mood for your next project is on tap here.

Stock Footage Inc Releases New Stock Footage

FootageHub producer Stock Footage Inc. captures the vibrant beauty of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s most exciting city. Waves lap the shorelines of Botafogo Bay and Ipanema Beach; the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer on Mount Corcovado spreads its arms above the cityscape and crowded favelas, Rio’s low-rent hillside residential areas; tourists ride the breath-taking gondolas on Sugarloaf Mountain.

If it’s Rio, it’s here! Dawn to sunset and night aerial shots provide memorable views of one of the Western Hemisphere’s most fascinating cities. Whether you are looking for a specific landmark to establish location in Rio or an image that simply conveys classic fun and beauty in a tropical setting, these new clips from Stock Footage Inc. are worth checking out!

New Video Tutorial Includes Free Clip

Using an Artbeats stock footage clip and some After Effects magic, Eran Stern of SternFX creates a quick commercial by integrating type with the spinning blades of a wind turbine. Click the picture below to register for a FREE download of the clip used in this video tutorial (and yes, the tutorial is free, too).

Green Energy Video Tutorial

Kinetic Energy to Kinetic Typography

Now, follow along with Eran as he uses the spinning blades to reveal the message and then “wipe” it away.



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A few of the subjects that we offer:
Driving Plates (5-9 angles)             Washington DC Aerials                   New York Aerials
Tornadoes                                      Extreme Weather                            Families & Babies
Business Meetings                         Wild & Domestic Animals                Fitness
Los Angeles Aerials                       Ultra Slow Motion                            Boston Aerials
Firemen                                          Flowers                                           Tropical Beaches

Stock Footage Collage

Artbeats Royalty Free Stock Footage

Explosions                                      Monster Waves                              Asian Cities
Surfers                                           Establishments                               Netherlands
Nature                                            Skydiving                                        Space & Starfields
Timelapse                                      Effects                                            Night Aerials
London                                           San Francisco                                Military

Call or email us today and we’ll be happy to find you that perfect shot. Or, if you prefer, Artbeats makes it easy to search our entire library online, request free research, live chat, create clip bins, and learn new editing techniques. While you’re at it, register today and sign up for the eNewsletter for the latest on new releases, tutorials, demo reels and more.

The Stock Footage Search Dilemma. Let Us Help You!

Searching for stock footage can be like most everyday life struggles. Have you used your debit card at one store and a short while later used it at another? At the first place, you clicked the top button at the right to OK the transaction. At the other store, you mindlessly do the same thing but instead of being asked to OK the transaction, you were really being asked if you want cash back. While the debit/credit card machines may look very familiar, a lot of times the functionality is set up differently.

It can be the same way with stock footage companies. You can do a search and find a set of clips to preview but where do you find information about the clip name, length of the clip, adding the clip to a folder (AKA, clip bin, light box, board, collection, etc.) for later review?

When you’re searching for stock footage on the Artbeats website, you can glean quite a bit of information about a clip from the clip thumbnails you will be shown for your suggested search. For example, you can see:


Found Set of Clips

#1 shows you where the clip name is. This clip is A005-C001. Want to know if a clip is an Artbeats produced clip or from one of our producers? If it’s from a producer, the clip name will look something like this:


#2 tells you how long the clip is. Clip A005-C001 is 20 seconds:1frame long.

#3 roll your mouse over the i (situated under the clip length) to see the description and keywords used for that clip.

#4 roll your mouse over the image and you can see a small preview of the clip.

#5 set the Clips per Page to your liking: 16, 24, 36, or 48 (click this link to see the found set I used for these examples).

#6 here you can either save a clip to your clip bin for later review and/or share with someone else or you can add it to your cart for purchase.

Want more clip details, see a larger preview or download a comp? Click on the clip you are interested in and you’ll be taken to that clip’s Clip Information Page (I’m using clip A005-C044-prairie grass). In addition to the above information, you’ll also find:

Clip Information Page for clip A005-C044

Clip Information Page for clip A005-C044

#1 shows the Resolutions available for the clip. The clip (see picture below) comes in HD, 4K, and SD (NTSC and PAL). Just click the tab of the size you want.

#2 here’s the Frame Rate for the clip. Most Artbeats produced clips are available in 24.0 and 29.97. Producer (AA-FH) clips generally only have one frame rate available. It’s in this same section that you will also see if a clip is part of a collection. The example clip I’m using is not part of a collection).

#3 here’s where you’ll find the Clip’s Price and can add it to the cart.

#4 “trying on” a piece of stock footage is almost a requirement these days especially with some clients and/or source files you’re working with. Here’s where you would do that. Please note that the comps are compressed at a much higher rate than the purchased footage.

#5 what if you like this clip but, it’s not quite long enough or the right color. Use this link (View similar footage) to see like clips.

I hope that helped show you how to decipher where to find some answers you may have about our footage.

Do you still have questions? Can’t find what you are looking for? We would be happy to perform the search for you! Or if you need a price quote or anything else, please feel free to contact us; we’d be happy to assist you. Call us now at 541-863-4429. Email us at or click here for our concierge Request Footage Search. There’s no cost for us to help you in your search, no obligation to purchase, and no high-pressure sales pitch. Call us today!