NABShow 2015 Wrap-up with Peter McAuley

Peter McAuley:
Senior Product Manager






Q. What was the newest innovation at the show?
A. For us, the newest innovation at the show was the first public presentation of BCC 10, which is currently in beta. Included in the beta is integration of Mocha planar tracking and roto masking … this is being made available in every filter in the BCC 10 package. Very exciting news for our customers. That along with the first public showing of Mocha AVX … for the first time, the roto and tracking toolset of Mocha will be available as a plug-in for Avid Media Composer.

Q. What was the highlight of NAB for you?
A. The highlight of NAB for me was how popular Mocha is with end users. We had guest presenters showing Mocha and BCC in our booth on a stage every hour on the hour and I’d estimate that at least 75 percent of the demos were attended to the level of standing room only.

Q. What was the biggest surprise or unveiling of the show?
A. Given that I spent about 95 percent of my time at the show on our booth, I can only speak from that perspective and the biggest surprise for our customers is that of the deep integration of Mocha into Boris Continuum Complete for version 10 of the product. It’s a huge undertaking on our part and a huge win for our customers.

Q. What did you see at the show that gave you insight into future trends?
A. The push into 6K could be seen everywhere … and I’m sure it’ll be 8k next year. 🙂